Food and nutrition

We believe that meal-times should be social times, providing healthy and nutritious food with an opportunity to try new things.  We teach the children to gain independence by helping themselves to filtered water throughout the day and serving themselves where possible. We've started growing our own vegetables so the children can see the whole process from seed to plate.


Ideally we like children to have breakfast with their families, but we know that's not always possible. For our early starters we offer porridge or weetabix for babies and toast for the older children.


We provide a healthy snack in the morning and afternoon. We try to vary it so the children get to taste a range of different foods. Snacks include fresh fruit, carrot and cucumber sticks and rice cakes or breadsticks.


We have an onsite chef who cooks meals from scratch using fresh produce and we run a five-week menu. We encourage the children to eat together.

We can cater for different dietary requirements.