About us

Welcome to Moringa Day Nursery. We hope that this website provides you with the information you need. If you want to know more please don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Moringa we aim to promote children to be independent in a nurturing environment and support their working parents with the flexibility needed to deal with family life. This is what we offer:


  • Provision of high-quality childcare and early years education.
  • Partnership with parents to help children to learn and develop.
  • Active work with the local community.
  • A service that promotes equality and values diversity.
  • Free nursery places for 3–4-year-olds.
  • 30 hours grant funded spaces for 3-4 years, subject to eligibility.
  • Free nursery places for 2-year-olds, who meet government criteria.
  • Fee Paying childcare spaces for 3 months to 3 years.
  • Wraparound care for government funded 2-4 years olds.