our provision

At Moringa Day Nursery we strive to provide our children with the love, care and support they need to help grow on their individual learning journeys. Our age ranges are split into upstairs and downstairs, with our younger children aged 3 months to 2 and a half upstairs and older children up to school age downstairs.


Our daily routine begins with all age groups downstairs in a shared provision. There are 3 rooms downstairs Marula, Bonsai and Cedar, and an additional garden space, The Grove. Children can explore these areas in a free-flow environment which encourages them to make choices and develop their own interests. Through their experiences of mixing with different age children they develop language skills which develops their social communication. The older children also learn to respect and support younger children. This is particularly noticeable in children who do not have siblings to learn from or who have English as an additional language or other needs. The younger children also have opportunities throughout the day to mix with the older children.